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Solar Panel

Powerful Mono crystalline Solar Panels

High-Efficiency Inverter

Smart Monitoring System

Most reliable and efficient inverter on the market

Intelligent battery ready inverter

Rated electrical efficiency of 98%+

Powerful output of up to 5kW

Production-monitoring, consumption-level analytics

Solar and Battery

9.8kWh of energy storage

95% roundtrip efficiency

DC-coupled to your system

Battery Pack Retrofit

Massive 13.5kWh Capacity

AC Coupled Internal Inverter

3.5kW Continuous Output

Government financial incentive

SolarNova can accept your STC’s for a discount on your solar system

Government incentives known as Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) may reduce the upfront cost of your solar system.

What is a STC?

STC work like a currency with one equivalent to one megawatt-hour of electricity generated by your solar PV system.

STC’s vary according to market conditions and the price is set by the government

STC subsidy is determined by where you are located, the size of your solar system and the price of the STC at the time of installation

How you get paid?

1. Reduce your payments on the solar installations. Assign your STCs when you purchase your solar system to a registered agent such as SolarNova for an upfront discount on your solar PV system

2. Sell your STC’s to a buyer.Create the STCs yourself by finding a buyer and then selling and transferring them in the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Registry.

How you get paid?

Australia is divided into zones and sunnier higher ranking zones will receive more discount that other zones.

Darwin (zone 2),

Sydney (zone 3)

Melbourne or Hobart (zone 4)

Ask SolarNova what STC discount applies to you or use the REC Registry calculator on the Clean Energy Regulator’s website to determine your approximate level of subsidy:

Electricity Retailer payments

Your electricity retailer can pay you for electricity you transferred back to the grid.  How much you can paid varies between electricity retailers. How much you is paid varies by states, in some states it is government regulated in others it is up to you to negotiate the rate.