Case Studies

Ian and Sara saving up to 90% on energy bill and keeping the light on in Black out with Tesla battery

  • Ian and Sara’s Goal:

    To reduce their energy bills and reduce their carbon foot print

  • Their home:

    A 4 bedroom home in a beach side with so much roof space to place 30 panels. Their property is perfect for solar with plenty of sun, The panels tilted to the north for maximum efficiency.

    The 9.9kW Solar panels with Tesla power wall 2 enable the system to run off grid in black out which has happened a few time last year. Means the solar charge the Tesla battery and the Battery powers the house no need for  Grid.

  • The outcome:

    Achieved up to 95% on energy consumption

    $26,000 investment

    A 100% payback over 6 years

    Huge saving in energy bills over the 25 year warranted life of their solar energy system

  • Their solution:

    Ian and Sara chose a large size system with Tesla battery to reduce their power bill and reduce their carbon foot print. The extra solar power generated day time stored in Tesla battery to run the house in night time or charge the Tesla electric car. Running the car from Sun energy and having the Air con on a hot day with solar power with out feeling guilty. Saving money and the planet.

  • Ian and Sara’s review of SolarNova:

    “I Just had a 10kw solar + Tesla battery installed by the Solornova team – Maz & the team were fantastic – I don’t often leave reviews but I felt compelled in this case since the whole experience was so seamless and easy – 1 day, in and out.”



Jeff and Lesley Killed the big bill with 6.6KW Solar and 10KWH LG battery

  • Jeff and Lesely:

    To get rid of their $1300 a quarter energy bills. The freedom to use their air conditioning in summer without bill shock.

  • Their home:

    A 4 bedroom south facing split level home with trees on multiple sides. The huge property had a limited roof space facing different direction particularly suited to solar and  optimizers solution.

  • The outcome:

    Achieved up to %90 self consumption

    $18,500 investment

    A 100% payback just in a 4 years

    huge yearly savings of $4,600 on electricity bil  over 25 years warranted life time on soalr panels

  • Their solution:

    Jeff and Lesley had enough of big electricity bill. Jeff wanted as close to a zero bill as possible as he is retired and wanted to have stress free air con on a hot days. Jeff really impressed with his system performance and the application that enable monitoring the system performance and his battery charge status.

  • Jeff gives SolarNova a 5 star review