Case Studies

Andrew and Claire saving up to 80% on energy in their heritage home

  • Andrew and Claire’s goals:

    To be reduce energy bills and be sustainable

  • Their home:

    A 3 bedroom federation home in a heritage area with limited space in the front yard for an inverter. Their property is shaded in the rear yard by the neighbour’s Jacaranda tree. The adjoining neighbour also has building approvals for a second storey, so the architectural plans needed to be taken into account when designing the system.

  • The outcome:

    Achieved up to 80% on energy consumption

    $8,800 investment

    A 100% payback over few years (based on average 60% bill reduction from $1000 quarterly bill)

    Huge saving in energy bills over the 25 year warranted life of their solar energy system

  • Their solution:

    Andrew and Claire chose a discreet microinverter system that preserved the heritage look of their home whilst addressing their shading issues. Each panel is able to be monitored for its performance and production. The app, via the monitoring device, also tells them when the sun’s energy was at its peak so they could time their cleaning, washing and drying to match the sun. Lily from SolarNova coached them on how to use the app and read the data.

Andrew and Claire Rozelle, Sydney
Andrew and Claire Rozelle, Sydney
  • Andrew and Claire’s review of SolarNova:

    “I highly recommend Lily and the team. Her expertise and qualifications are first rate. Her advice was very helpful to us in making informed decisions about the type of system to install, with great patience and with no pressure. Reliable, friendly and trustworthy. The follow-up has been very professional. A most satisfying experience for us.”



Naomi and the family of 4 kids, kill the bills

  • Naomi and family’s goals:

    To get rid of their $1000 a quarter energy bills. The freedom to use their air conditioning in summer without bill shock.

  • Their home:

    A 4 bedroom south facing split level home with trees on multiple sides. The huge property had a large roof particularly suited to solar and a microinverter solution.

  • The outcome:

    Achieved up to %75 self consumption

    $10,000 investment

    A 100% payback just in a few years

    huge yearly savings on electricity bil  over 25 years warranted life time on soalr panels

  • Their solution:

    Naomi and the family wanted to plan ahead without any surprises. Naomi wanted as close to a zero bill as possible. They were attracted by track record of the system they installed. They understood, when systems fail it costs more to fix then it does to install.

Naomi and the family used an app to use appliances during peak periods of sunshine
  • Naomi’s gives Solar Nova a 5 star review