What You Might Have Missed This Week in Solar

Solar energy is a resource that is available everywhere across the day.

Even though most homeowners and commercial businesses use solar panels to provide power to their electrical installations, the truth is that these modules were not originally intended for such a purpose.

When solar panels were starting in the commercial sector, the first application that came out was for off-grid purposes.

The possibility of having a clean generator source of energy where there was no power grid available was extremely attractive for many people that lived off-grid.

Campers, boondockers and essentially, people that live in remote areas, saw these devices as a valuable resource and despite the costs not being cheap, they became popular.

Today, solar panels are widely used in residential, commercial and utility-scale for grid-tied projects, but the off-grid market is not left behind.

The off-grid market has grown into what is commonly known as portable solar panel technology.

Here we take a look at some applications.

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