About SolarNova

Over 400 installations in Sydney

SolarNova is fast becoming a leader in solar installations in Sydney, with professionals with over 10 years industry experience. We are a team led by engineers, electricians and environmental scientists, bringing our customers custom designed solutions they can trust.

Our sister company Sydney Solar an Batteries (owned by one of directors) Established in 2016,  has preformed over 500 solar installations across residential and commercial properties in Sydney. We have established Solarnova to provide our valuable customer consultancy services both in residential and commercial projects with their solar and battery storage enquiries. We still have our sister company Sydney Solar and Batteries operational as an arm for executing our projects.

Every one of our installations are guaranteed with a 10 year warranty on workmanship. We use products, such as panels, with a 25 year warranty. All our installations are supervised and installed by accredited installers, ensuring our clients get the best outcomes for their unique circumstance.

Our Head Office is in Manly and we serve Sydney’s greater metropolitan area.

We install solar systems in your local area in Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong   Our team at SolarNova is made up of Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers, Environmental Scientists and Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. We will oversee your installation from start to finish, ensuring at all stages of the process you are supported and have someone to answer your queries.

SolarNova’s team have delivered over 500 solar installations over the last few years. Here are just some of our positive customer reviews. We  have both residential and commercial  packages to suit your unique needs.

At Solarnova, we take pride in what we do and we do not compromise on quality. We ensure every customer achieves the maximum potential of their financial investment by designing and delivering the right solar system for each specific project. That’s why its important for us to meet you at your home (or site for commercial projects) to evaluate your needs and design the right system for you. We also go through the system details to ensure you understand the benefits of going solar.


Lily Pejkic

Bachelor of Environmental Science

Accredited Solar and Battery System Designer and Installer

Bachelor of Environmental Scientist

Accredited Solar and Battery System Designer

Installer and Renewable Energy Project Manager

As an electrical engineer and environmental scientist, Lily is regarded a leader in her field.

Lily is a graduate in Environmental Science from the University of New South Wales. She is an accredited installer for the clean energy council. Lily has worked on residential and complex commercial  projects for over a decade.

Recommendation of Lily

” Lily is one of the most trusted solar installation professionals in Sydney. She is a passionate advocate for the change to clean energy. I highly recommended Lily’s professional services. “

Maz Mirzakhani

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineer

Member of Engineers Australia

Designer and installer of Solar and Battery System

Renewable Energy Project Manager

Maz has a passion for renewable energies with 20 years experience in the energy and mining sectors.  Over the last 3 years, Maz has been researching battery technology and can offer expert advice of the best battery solutions for solar energy. His engineering background includes extensive experience in making structural assessments of roofs to ensure solar viability.

Recommendation of Maz

”Maz  has been on the forefront of renewable energies for the last 5 years. When we are seeking expert advice on the latest technological advances, we turn to Maz“